Care for a little angst with that?

February 10, 2009

angstSo Etsugal (my partner in crime, you may hear some posts about her in the future) and I have been running around on Wyrmrest Accord, the new Rp realm that Earthen Ring just had free transfers to. No, no, no we didn’t transfer Mitawa or any such silliness! Sheesh! We’d never be that on the ball that we could actually get our act together in time to take advantage of the free move! No, I mean we both rolled a new little baby dwarf pair, priest and paladin. They have some good stories of their own, but this post… no, this post is about other people.

See, it’s no great secret that newer Rp realms have more Rp activity and old realms like Earthen Ring… well, they tend to stagnate. You end up with so many “I’m only here because my friend is here”s that your onetime haven of character descriptions and moving plot lines has degenerated into heavy raid content, griefers, and people who gave up trying to Rp and now use FlagRSP as a way to advertise their gear/theme song/availability for cyborz/chinese leveling/gold service. Wyrmrest Accord though, is new.

So we were running about on our dorfies (Alliance? Oh noez!) and decided that it would be better to level them in Elwynn so we hopped the tram to Stormwind and were immediately floored by the number of people either actively Rp-ing or looking for contact by way of walking through the city in pretty clothes. Heck, there was even a degree of Rp to /general and /trade once you managed to see through all the re-rolled pvp server griefers. Most everyone not only had FlagRSP but even had the fields filled beyond ‘title’! One particular person caught Etsu’s eye however: a female night elf death knight in a runecloth robe.

Now, I’m not going to say that death knights can’t Rp, or that they can’t Rp well, or even that they can’t Rp without getting really, really angsty. I will say, however, that it is very difficult to come up with a way to Rp a deathknight without getting really, frightfully, Poe is my homeboy angsty and any storylines and backgrounds that don’t incite at least a little bit of angst might not even work for a death knight. I mean honestly, you gave your life heroically for your people on the field of battle and all you got was this cruddy t-shirt resurrection complete with demon horse knock-off so you could go out and slaughter, en masse, all the people you heroically gave your life for in the first place. If you aren’t at least a little bit angsty about that now that you’ve regained your free will, well… you’re probably not actually the kind of person I’d want to talk to. O.o

I think the thing that really threw me, though, was the runecloth robe.runecloth-robe

Somehow the very priestly white with cloth-of-gold and black trim just seemed too…clean for a deathknight. And wouldn’t the Light that got woven into the fabric have scorched your decaying flesh? Alright, so I didn’t actually get to see this person’s RSP description, and really I don’t know if she had one. Benefit of the doubt tells me I should see what she would have said for herself before passing judgement, this I do know. Still, the gut-reflex rection I had was “I don’t want to make contact with that person, they/their story would be really wierd, and not what I want to deal with right now.”

Too bad, really. Could be that person had a way to make it work.

On the positive side, though, this shard server is pretty cool so far, and I can’t wait to see what it turns into. Seriously. Hell, I saw an Rp guild recruiting who actually mentioned what their guild was about. Here’s to the hope that it improves even more once the majority of the new server griefers go away!

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