Rp Server Envy

March 17, 2009

dice As was pointed out in WoW Insider today, the grass always seems greener. The other faction has it easier (Like the Sprite Darter thing, or the cooking recipe vendor, or the… No wait, back on topic.), the other class has it easier, you’d totally pwn if only you had <Insert Race>’s racial instead of yours…

Yeah, well… I have server envy. As was detailed in previous reports,* Earthen Ring is curiously devoid of active Rp, and most people (at least in trade) seem to belittle you for even trying. There used to be a lot of Rp guilds here, but most of them seem to have died off, or transumted into raiding or PVP guilds**. This isn’t to say that there is no Rp there***, but it’s rather sparse.

Honestly, until I started server hopping a bit more, I figured I’d missed something to the effect of:

  • Roleplaying servers have been removed from the game.

in the 2.1 Patch notes.

Sure, I could pay and have my character moved to somewhere more active; but for one I’d like to get to know someone there first, and for two, one problem with making a little clan of interrelated tauren is that it would cost a fortune to move all of them together.

I’ve been diggin’ around lately, and as far as active Rp type blogs go, I have to quote and modify a post from Critical QQ (apologies to Euripedes for using his work) :

This is an open letter to all the Feathermoon Bloggers out there:

You have ruined roleplay for me.

This is not a cheap laugh, this is not a godmod, this is an honest to God complaint.

Every last one of you is witty.

Every single one of you writes well.

All of you have lore cred. You theorycraft about back stories. You delve into hilarious situations. You are top players, the go-to people for playing non-archetype-conforming characters.

You know who you are. And you should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you’re this Rp-y, you’re supposed to be maxed level 30, and look like cat girls or vampires.

Instead, you have the gall to be good. How dare you? I demand you throw yourselves into a grease fire!

I think back to all the Rpers I knew before, and invariably they were either total ERPers, Lorebreakers, or cudn’t speel.

My thoughts, such as they are, trapped in the brain of a young blogger, used to see a FlagRSP description and think “Wow, I should go talk to her” or “I bet he’s got a good personality”.

Now, I think “Ehh, they’re probably morons”.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

I want your server. There are so MANY of you there! I will come to your server and invade it with dwarves and tauren who will stand around waiting to POUNCE on your FACE Rp description. Oh yes, there will be rp. And it’s all YOUR FAULT.

*Although, no Rp at all is probably better than this
**I’m not sure what <Tears of Draenor> is doing. They were a big Rp guild who seem to have been eaten up by raiding with a few Rp holdouts in /forthehorde.
***If nothing else, as long as I’m there there will be Rp.

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