A Warcraft Blessing

March 31, 2009


A Warcraft Blessing

May your loot always be purple,

And a priest be always at your back.

May the quests all fall beneath your blade,

And your hearthstone always be cooled down.

And until we raid again,

Here’s your portal, and I’ll see you back in town.

May your spec always be pwnsome,

And the n00bs all fall to your attack.

May your defense always fight on the flag,

And the wins have bonus honor too.

And then you regroup,

Push right through them, and take it all by force.

May your gold always be plenty,

And the house cut smaller every day.

With the rep grind faster than you think,

May your PuGs have more than five brain cells,

To stop that wiping,

Save your repair bill, for this is the game we play.


This is, of course, a spoof on the “Old Irish Blessing” that graces so many plaques in people’s homes. (Something like this. Sung to Wild Mountain Thyme’s tune of it.) Having been going over many of the more amusing screenshots on WoW Bash, I was reminded that I’ve had at least three separate GMs with a “goodbye” chat macro to the effect of ‘May all your loot be epic’ and variations thereof. So what do you do when you’re awake at some ungodly hour with a song stuck in your head and Warcraft on your mind? Rewrite the lyrics to fit of course!

Mitawa apologizes for the short post and would like to point out that it’s nearing crunch time for Spring semester and every proffessor has an inner sadist that pretends to be unaware that a student is likely to have more than one obligation for enormous, gigantic, rediculous projects all scheduled into this last month. In fact, Mitawa is rather bored with his player for parking him in Dalaran for several days at a time. Most of all, Mitawa is somewhat confused why he’s speaking in the third person and will stop trying to make excuses and end the blog post. Soon. Wait for it… Now.



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