Paw Paws

April 14, 2009

pawpawSo, I’m posting late. It’s still Tuesday though! See, one of the unfortunate things about being a student is that right about now and early December you end up going into a giant cyclone of frenzied final DOOM. To be honest, I hadn’t even started to download the patch until now (11:00 pm CST). In any case this is going to be short, in addition to finals I also have some heavy family stuff going on.

I’m here today to introduce you to a word you will all use. Why will you use this? Because the odds of my ever becoming the high evil dictator/overlord of the planet are pretty slim, so I’m going to cash in my chance at the big pot for a smaller prize, i.e. my very small authority over you now. Muahahahaha!

In my one and only act as fleetingly high evil overlord/dictator of the world, I command you all to use this new word:

Paw Paw Bears

What is a Paw Paw Bear you ask? Why, that’s simple! It’s a druid bear using his/her second spec to heal. It’s perfect, you see. A bear and a tree all at once! My brilliance reigns supreme!!11!!


In any case, hopefully some of you remember this cartoon from back in the day.

This got me wanting to edit their theme song to apply to warcraft, but a) It’s a little to simple to do much with and b) I’m angry that wordpress tries to put a double space between all my lines. I need to figure out how to change that.

In any case, have a good Tuesday!

One comment

  1. /nostalgia.
    I wonder though, do I gain, or lose points, for almost remembering the lyrics to that into song when I watched that.

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