Mid-Week Mini Update

May 1, 2009

authenticatorwebI has an authenticator!

When WoW Insider posted last that the ordering for authenticators was opened again, I didn’t stop and make a “Furst! LOLz XD” post even though there were no comments yet, I booked it over to the Blizzard store and ordered one each for Etsugal and me. They came in the mail yesterday.*

I don’t have any personal experience having someone I know hacked and getting the guild bank raided or being stripped and deleted, but there are enough stores abound on the interwebs that I just got that paranoid about it.The stories of hackings don’t come from the cream of the crop, top of the PvP/Arena Ladder/Raiding players. Most come from guilds about the size of or a little bigger than the last few I was in. I haven’t done a /played lately, but the amount of my life spent in Warcraft truly shocks and awes me and I’d hate to loose all that.

In other news, I’ve gotten the raiding bug. I want to be doing stuff again, and I have no guild to do stuff with. At this point, I’m trying to decide if I want to start pugging things and hope for a good guild to come along, or transfer server to another place and start fresh. We’ll see.

* I may or may not have geeked out over the fact that I got mail from a return address that read “Activision Blizzard”. If I did it was in a completely calm and appropriate manner and didn’t invole anything embarassing. At ALL. >.>



  1. OK, so the grafix on the Multimedia page are just adorable and as clever as always. You could have a show in an art gallery! You’re good! (Unbiased opinion posted. Fer Real!)

  2. I’m up for pulling together some PuGs for VoA / OS10 / maybe even Naxx if we get brave… I happen to know of a decently equipped Priest *cough* that can help out too if you’re looking to tank, until I get my defense up to raid-spec.

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