Gone Fishin’

June 23, 2009

FishingwhiteOne of my favorite proffessions in the game and something all my characters pick up is fishing. There’s just something soothing about popping on a playlist in iTunes and settling in for a good fish. Thus far, I’ve managed Old Crafty, a Giant Sewer Rat, and my Titanium Seal of Dalaran. If you seriously want to geek out though, you should try getting something like Fishing Buddy that will keep track of your catch rates. Then you can fish and fish and fish because every fish caught will make your data more accurate and…! Ahem. Back on subject.

The thing is though, there’s more to fishing than booze and vanity items! Fishing can be a serious asset to you and your guild, allow me to expand upon this, a fine subject.

The first and foremost the point of fishing is to get… well, fish of course. The trick to this though is that you also have to have cooking and sometimes alchemy to make the best use of it. For any food buffs, always remember: “He who controls the spice, controls the UNIVERSE.”

For tanking-

My favorite buffing food for tanking is Blackened Dragonfin. It provides 40 each of Agility and Stamina for the price of two Dragonfin angelfish and a spice. Even better, the cost will be reduced in patch 3.2 so you can get both agility and stamina for an hour for the low, low cost of one fish and one spice.

Sometimes tanks are lacking certain stats on their armor and need some extra “Oomph!”. Snapper Extreme has your back for hit rating so long as you’ve got three Bonescale Snapper and one northern spice. Also, Spicy Blue Nettlefish can help bump up your critical strike rating so you can get more of those bear shields going on with one each nettlefish from Sholozaar and northern spice.

One last thing to keep in mind if you want a cheap tanking buff, don’t want to spend northern spices, or don’t even have cooking skill, is that you can fish up Slippery Eels from the waters in front of Violet Hold in Dalaran. They provide 30 dodge rating, and you’re likely to get a ton of them while fishing for your new tanking pants. (See “gear” below) Not the best buff, but easy to get and better than nothing.

For healing-

My current buff of choice for healing is Firecracker Salmon. It provides 46 Spell Power and 40 Stamina for one Grizzly Hills glacial salmon plus spice. Grizzly Hills is just covered in schools of the things, so they’re much easier to fish for as compared to the elusive Dragonfin Angelfish. Besides, along with the tanky Blackoned Dragonfin, it actually sounds like something I’d want to eat, unlike Black Jelly. Yuck. Other good buffs for healing are the Spicy Fried Herring, 16 Mp5 and Stam for fangtooth herring and spice, as well as the Imperial Manta Steak with its 40 haste and stam (imperial manta ray and spice).

“Prismatic” food-

New in Wrath, prismatic food buffs are useful to any job and any class to greater and lesser degrees. The first notable prismatic food from fishing is the self-buff Dalaran Clam Chowder, which has 60 attck power, 35 spell power, and 30 stamina. This is really good stuff to make because unlike all the other food buffs here, it costs no northern spices to make. Just two succulent clam meat and you’re good to go!

The thing that everyone really likes about cooking and fishing in Wrath, though, are the Fish Feasts! They’re expensive to make, but the benefit is that they provide an upgraded version of the prismatic clam chowder buff, and to everyone in your party. All five of you can have 80 attack power, 46 spell power, and 40 stamina for the cost of 2x musselback sculpin, 2x glacial salmon, 2x nettlefish, and a northern spice. This buff is especially nice to hybrid classes like druids, paladins, and shaman who can benefit from both the attack power and the spell power.

Non-Food Buff-

This is your battle elixir. There are many like it but this one is yours. Your battle elixir is your best friend. It is your life…. And when you’re talking about Guru’s Elixir, it’s not only a great buff, but it’s also dirt cheap too. Quality AND quantity. Have your cake and eat it too. It raises all of your stats by 20 for an hour, and it costs an imbued vial plus three Pygmy Oil which is about 2.5 pygmy sucker fish. Pygmy sucker fish are not something you fish for. They are the thing that you get while fishing for something you actually wanted. The thing you get so much of, you feel like there’s so many of the damned things there ought to not be room for water in the ocean. Worse yet, you get pygmy oil in your reward bags from the daily fishing quest! Guru’s is quick, and good. Never fear using this stuff in a horrific PuG, there is (and always will be) more Guru’s Elixir.


Yes! You can fish up your gear!

What you need to do is go down to the water in Dalaran in front of Violet Hold where the daily quests are. Park yourself there and throw your line back into the water until you pull up a Rusty Prison Key. Now jump into the water to the right of the bridge to Violet Hold and you’ll see some bent metal bars. Swim through the hole and use your new key on the box there. Inside will be gold, and a blue item!

Two of the three items that come from this box are good for druiding. First, the Chain Gang Leggaurds are the best-in-slot blue for tanking. They have a boatload of Stamina, decent Agility, and an extra helping of Hit Rating. All of which are fabulous for tanking!

Also in this box can be found a Prison Manifest. Couple this held-in-offhand book with a Scalpel of the Royal Apothecary (or Ally equivalent) from the Argent Tournament and you are well placed for healing before setting foot into a raid.


Fishing isn’t a tremendously popular proffession because most people find it boring. (Seriously?! Boring?? But I digress…) However, fishing provides excellent buffs and even some decent gear before raids! Grab a pole and drop your lines in folks, lets head out to the fishin’ hole!


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