Patch Day!

August 4, 2009


1. I didn’t schedule an automatic posting this week because it was possible the patch would come out.

2. That patch did indeed come out!

3. I am SO stoked about the new forms.

4. I’m mildly worried about them nerfing Agility and Dodge Rating but buffing Block, Parry, and Mana per 5. I’m not going to go all Emo on you and say that “they” only want druids to be healers like they were in Classic… But I will say that I suffered from a moment of Noble Indignation ™ about it. Eh, it happens.

5. If anyone knows what the picture at the top of this article is, I.E. where it comes from, where you find it… I’ll give you 400 Brownie points, and if you’re the first person to do it in a comment on this post,  Edit: Etsu told me to change the reward. You’ll get custom character art from me, one pic, your choice of a portrait or forum avvie. Although, you could choose the 50g instead, but Etsu seems convinced that art would be better. :) It’s a REALLY random picture. All I’ll say is that you can get this picture at the WoW Community Site, http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/ . Yay!

Update: I’ll be taking submissions until the 21st of August. Noon, Central Standard Time. :)


  1. Gold is transient, art is forever.

  2. Oh hush you! :)

    Fine, fine, art it is!

  3. Its what you see for upgrading your account to wrath, I think. Isn’t it?

    But do you know where it originally originated from?? Its actually Blizzard tributing to someone else…

  4. Also…the tag that comes up if you mouse over the pic is called AccUpgradeWhat But thats not how I knew. I just realized that now, after having posted.

  5. I know where it originally originated from because i took the screenshot. ^^

    You’re -very- close. I tell ya what, you win if no one else replies for the week. I.E if anyone else leaves a comment that’s all the way correct by the 21st, they get it but I don’t really think they will so…

    Start thinking about whether you’d like the art or the gold and if the art… what you’d want it to be. ^^

  6. Well no… what I mean is…where it was inspired from. Its not actually an original. Its actually an homage…

  7. I know what you mean, but it doesn’t matter for our purposes here. Doesn’t matter what the original idea was, but how to trigger the screenshot.

    Like… It doesn’t matter if you’ve played Zelda if I ask you where is Dadanga so I can turn in my Bloodpetal Sprouts. :)

  8. She’s in Ungoro <3. Or at least, will be until its sundered and she dies in the ensuing explosion of awful?

  9. I know, I know! It’s from Going Bearfoot – Patch Day Blog on 08-04-09. Did I get it? I want some art! You are the best and I collect your art so let me know if I got it! LOL!

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