Public Service Announcement: Weapon Skill

September 9, 2009

maceWeapon skill is a pain to level, unless you know how to do it the easy way.

It’s come to my attention in interactions with guildies and reading comments on WoWhead and WoW.com that many people don’t know the easy way to do it, but never fear! Mita’s got your back.

ogreghostYou just have to have enough bag space to strip all your gear off, and come with all the weapons you want to max. (Look for weapons with fast swing speeds, vendor bought whites often do.) What you’re going to do is go to Dire Maul North. Stealth, kill, or use your level 80 reduced aggro radius to simply walk through the instance until you get to the last chamber with the king.

Strip off all your armor (being in combat causes durability loss even if you’re not getting hit) and DON’T kill the king. Walk around him to the back of the room where you’ll find a fine selection of ogre ghosts. They only have one hit point, but that doesn’t matter because they can’t take damage and can’t damage you. They will, however, increase your weapon skill.

You can even AFK for long periods of time while you wait because you’ll be in combat and therefore can’t log out. You will come back to a wall of yellow logout error spam and your weapon at 0 durability, but you just jump to clear your afk and switch weapons and have at.

Leveling weapon skill is easy!


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  1. They finally fixed this

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