What’s going down

November 6, 2009

My apologies for the abrupt stop to my posting, school started again and I’m beginning my set of student teching field experiences which take a lot of time. Added to that, we have a new puppy to take care of, so I barely log in once every week.

I’m leaving this here knowing that I can still post once in a while, and that eventually I’ll pick up weekly updates again. I’m considering starting a different, personal blog about teaching or puppies or who knows what, but I’d feel like a bit of a poser writing about bears or trees or roleplaying when I’m not currently doing any of the three!

So, I hope that you’ll understand my decision to put Going Bearfoot on hold for now, I will return. So, I’ll see you in the summer at the latest!

I’ll probably be back with better banner art, my header has been outdated since they made us pretty. :)

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