A new direction for now

January 28, 2010

Hello wonderful readers who either stumble upon this page or perhaps check it on occasion to see if anything has changed. A lot of things went down concerning guild and drama and all of those wonderfully awful things that can happen when you put a bunch of people who don’t really know each other on the internet and tell them to play nice.

The thing is, WoW was getting a little intense in the way that makes it bleed into RL so Etsu and I are taking a break for a little while. Who knows? Maybe we can learn how to get the dishes done in a timely manner!

In any case, we took the BIG step and canceled our accounts for now… though probably only for a few months. My hope is that by the time we get back the ol’ batteries will be recharged and I can actually deliver information on the weekly basis that is still promised in my “about” box. v_v

For now, should you be or have any interest in being a middle- or high school teacher, please feel free to visit the new blog I launched to document being a student teacher, CaSO4: Chalk|Dust.

In the meantime I wash you all lots of Triumph Badges and Frost Badges… and go take Arthas’ pony for me, alright?

<3 Mitawa, Druid of Sunblaze


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