On bears, bows, and Rp

May 25, 2010

I’ve dusted off my hunter recently, and I’ve been having a blast. Skybreak, the hunter, was my first character and only recently has Mitawa, the druid, managed to creep past Sky in time /played. Sky doesn’t have use his birdy anymore and I’ve been meaning to head back to Winterspring to release him, but even so the change to playing DPS is incredibly fun. Yes- I know, I know, the great thing about druids is that they can play any role in the game but… Well, I don’t -really- get along with mana bars, and I’m just generally “teh suck” when it comes to Cat form. (Read: I do better damage in tree form than when I try to stand behind a boss as a Cat and try to look busy…). So I’ve been using hunter as my way to enter into that fascinating realm of damage meters and it’s been absolutely awesome.

On the other hand, where does that leave “Going Bearfoot”? Well, I could just abandon it. I could make some big move to a new, shiny blog with a new name and be all a druid/hunter thing. Or…… I could just stay here because I rather like the name, I don’t relly feel like starting something new, and ultimately this is my little dictator ship and I say so because it’s my project! MUAHAHAHAHA- *ahem*. Sorry.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is… I love all my characters (All near-50 of them. Yes. 50. Because 50 is the character cap or there might be more…) and I don’t really see myself as being on the cutting edge of druid information right now. Sure, I’ve been tanking and healing in ICC, but between you and me? I don’t really think my healing has been as good as it used to be lately, and I just don’t have that much to say about bears that hasn’t been covered elsewhere, with a spreadsheet.

What will I be doing here then? Well, I’ll be making this more of a personal ‘Blog than the questionable resource I might have thought I was writing before. (Yes, I really thought that somehow I was going to be doing theorycrafting, when I’d never done it for myself let alone for other people on a huge platform!) I’ll end up with a random mix of classes, probably a good number of Friday Fives from Too Many Annas and just whatever catches my fancy.

The Good News: the ‘blog will still live! Yay! And there will still be posts like the Cow Skeleton and the nature of good and evil (Which still seem to draw at least 5 views a day- go figure, I guess there just aren’t that many anatomical drawings of cow skeletons on the net these days).

The Bad News: There will be no predicable pattern or frequency to the posts. As the summer wears on, I will probably set myself goals to get back into the swing, but don’t expect anything especially regular for awhile.

On the other hand: I haven’t updated in months, and should anyone still come back and check here for updates once in awhile… you certainly aren’t “expecting any regularity in my posts” now are you???

Ah well, it makes me feel better to type like I’ve been a responsible writer with an adoring public all along, so try not to tell my self-esteem and ego that it’s not true, kay? I mean, that would be like poking a puppy with a sharp stick. YOU WOULDN’T POKE A PUPPY WOULD YOU?

*shifty eyes*

Yeah, and that wasn’t a low blow or anything. Yep.

So. TLDR- I’ll be posting again, but without any attempt at an overarching theme or with deadlines.

Happy summer!

P.S. Yeah, those pictures aren’t really supposed to make any sense, I just felt like putting in lots of pictures of random happy tauren!



  1. Well, the easy answer is have your hunter generally go sans shoes. (with hooves, that’s easy)
    Thus, you are still “bearfoot”.
    and we RSS feedreaders are still here to lurk whenever you get around to posting. :)

  2. You make me want to break out my Tauren. Hell, you make me want to break out my WoW. It’s been over a year *gasp* since I canceled my account. I miss it so much.

    (How are you, by the way? We haven’t seen each other in ages!)

  3. Well, in between classes I thought I’d stop by and see if you were still writing, and there you were! You do have regular readers and I love coming to visit. I agree with Maebius. Whoever or whatever, just leave your shoes off then it doesn’t matter. Tally Ho!

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