We have Troll and Worgen druid forms!

July 3, 2010

It’s true! They’re up on MMO Champion, although I’ll admit I got the link from Big Bear Butt!

In any case… Wow.

Well, here let me drop the gratuitous images all over this page, and then we’ll talk. I’m gonna go reverse alphabetical and start Worgen first. At any time you’d like to see a larger image, just click the image and it should open into a new tab at full size.

Worgen Cats. I like ’em. They seem to be using the tauren druid form as a base, but the new skin with that bit of texture on the nose seems to help with the bull-terrier look. I’m kind of neutral about the studded leather bits, but the color combinations are kinda nice. I wouldn’t mind having that bluish one in the upper right!

Worgen Bears. I also like these. The paw-guard claw-covering things are pretty cool, and the mane somehow looks better on them than the Cats even. Colors also good, my favorite still being the bluish one in the upper middle, although the black in the upper left is a near second. Consensus: I’m excited about the idea of making a feral worgen when the time comes!

And on to the trolls! Brace yourselves!

So. Troll Cats. Um, what to say about them? They are… colorful. They have stripes… the stripes are a nice touch to make them different. They seem to be using the night elf cat model as a base, which is interesting, although it makes sense given the ears. Oh, they have little tribal belt thingies. Not sure I like the tribal belt thingies, anyone who has a cat knows how well something like that would actually stay in place once the druid was in motion. And the color selection? Hm. I’ll comment on the colors in a moment.

So yeah, there’s the troll bears. You know, I was talking to a good friend of mine who was very excited to get the link to the forms. My reaction wasn’t quite as extreme as hers, but all she could say was, “I’m OFFENDED!” Yeah. I really don’t know how I feel about these. I promised we’d talk about color and, honestly, seeing these bears… I’ll take the cats! The cat colors aren’t very complimentary, but they also have the benefit of having less “Day Glo” to them. Of all the bunch, I think the purple mane on white cat and teal mane on teal cat are the best there; and the yellow mane on blue bear the best of the ursine forms. But honestly? Not too sure I’ll be seeing a lot of feral trolls…

So far as the model itself, they used the nelf base again here. I’m not entirely happy with it… I get the feeling like the manes and tusks have a much lower polygon count average than an equivalent area of the rest of the animal, and the skin work on them seems low-res too. Yeah, you guys make your own opinions, but for me the worgen came out the clear winner in this match-up.

I have to admit I’m disappointed, though. I was really hoping for unique forms. That the night elves and tauren of Moonglade have bears and cats because they developed a rapport, and the tauren learned from the elves how to do that druid thing. (I am also hoping Moonglade doesn’t somehow pop up a bunch of trolls and worgen like they’ve been there the whole time.) But I was thinking lynx or raptor for troll cats, and some more… natural… bear for their bear form. I was thinking that at best they would get fun new models of lynx/raptor and bear, and at worst they would recycle the boss model half-troll animals from the troll raid zones. Never did I think the art would go in this direction.

I think what I was hoping for the Worgen was a big burly fluffy-mastiff model for their “bear form” and some doberman-with-big-claws-ish thing for their cat form. The idea of a bunch of humans that can’t manage to hold their human shape in combat because of the worgen curse somehow managing to hold onto a bear or cat shape different from either the human or the wolf just seemed ridiculous.

In any case, if these forms must be it- I’m content with the worgen forms, and… I hope the poor troll druids of tomorrow can take themselves seriously.


-Mitawa of Earthen Ring



  1. Troll druids are actully pretty cool. Us standing out is the main reasoni made one. Everyone takes the bluecatwith a red mane seriously when hes topping dps and droping your healers in pvp.

  2. I’ve kinda taken back some of my initial reaction of the troll forms. The bears especially have grown on me, and I kinda like them now… but I still don’t like the cats. I think it’s the clash between the muted blue-ish colors of the bodies and the rockin’ dayglo of the manes. It may be true to the troll humanoid model, but I think it clashes and looks garish on the cats.

    I’m glad some people enjoy them though. :)

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