A selection of Cata models that make me VERY happy.

July 6, 2010

There were a LOT of models posted to MMO Champion with the druid forms, and I just wanted to pull out a few that made me very happy and share them with you! In the spirit of a countdown, I’ll start with the things that make me somewhat happy, and end with the one that made me giggle for nigh 10 minutes straight! (Also, a word if you will, please don’t think me petty when we get to the last one, I’m hoping you’ll agree when we get there!) Remember, at any time just click the image to go to the full-sized image.

6. Monkeys. Proper monkeys, and not apes. Now, don’t mistake me for one of those people who loves monkeys and wants one as my very own pet, on the contrary I tend to hate monkeys. I’m not entirely sure why I loathe monkeys so much, it could be that they remind me too much of the very worst behavior in human children magnified times a billion (I like kids! Remember, I’ll be a teacher when I’m out of college… but you know not every 3-year-old in the restaurant is a perfect angel.). The screeching, absolute boundless energy, and the lack of discernible order in a troupe of monkeys gets to me after awhile. Granted, it could be the feces-throwing thing, too.

In any case, if I hate monkey so much, why does this make me happy? Well. I’m not entirely sure, but the art on these is good, and some part of me hopes they’re hunter tamable. (Edit: Via Petopia, these Monkey are, indeed, tamable and available in at least the goblin starter area.) I wouldn’t tame one for myself, but given a choice between having one of the in-game apes and having one of these, I’d take one of these. The thought of taking an ape as a hunter pet has always kind of disturbed me because gorilla-simian intelligence is so very near to our own. No, I don’t think they’re going to up and start designing robots any time soon; but the fact that we can train them to communicate with us in a language of our making is amazing. To take one along and make it fight for you like it was any other animal really makes me uncomfortable. It would be like making your 5-year-old sibling fight for you. They know what they’re doing and yet their love for you overcomes their fear or tendency to question their actions. It just seems like you’re using them more than a standard wolf or cat.

So yes, I’m happy for monkeys! Yay less creepy! (Maybe… !)

5. Skeletal Raptor Mounts. If nothing else, this will give the troll DKs something else to ride, right? Seriously though, I’m hoping that Etsu is right and these are something that you can get from Archeology at a 0.2% drop or something. The faces are a little odd, but any new kind of mount will only add to the variety out there, and your choice of mount really says something about you! I’m wondering what kinds of Rp might account for such a very strange and obviously reanimated creatures in your life. Perhaps the new troll warlocks can make use of them?

“Ja mon, me raptor didna want to run next tah ah demon, so ah… took care o’ the problehm.” *Lengthy evil chuckle session*

Seriously though, these look fun!

4. Unique Draenei paladin mounts. It’s funny, that Elekk looks a lot more… vertical? Than they usually do? Still though, been a long time coming guys, I can’t say that draenei on their paladin charger horse is a sight I’m used to seeing around Dal. The goat-men seem to stick to elekks even when ponies are handed to them, so I’m happy you guys don’t have to throw your digigrade legs over the side of those poor undersized animals again!

3. A Tauren Paladin Mount. Let me just say that Tauren on horses have always looked ridiculous. Yes, I’ve gotten Attumen’s mount and yes I’ve been using it… but that’s mostly because it’s new and the idea of it makes me happy. I’ve actually been carrying around a stack of Deviate Delight with me so that if I’m going to be doing a lot of riding, I can do it as a human in a pirate or ninja costume and not a tauren.

Additionally, it made me a bit unhappy to think of my future Sunwalker riding on a horse that reminds me so much of what the blood elves did (are doing still?) to that poor Naaru in Silvermoon. No thanks, I’ll walk.

The thing is, that tauren paladin kodo there isn’t the best of it…

2. The BEST Tauren Paladin Mount!! Now THIS one, this is pure win! This mount is absolutely gorgeous. The warpaint and feathers, the blue and gold bead work and normal mount’s lack of glowing eyes make this kodo my new favorite mount in the entire game. Where the epic mount was bogged down with a bunch of armor and drums and stuff because they could, this mount is decorative without being gaudy, and the simplicity and heart of those little sun glyphs make me smile every time I see it! Yes, I may actually be able to make a paladin I’ll be able to play, and the idea excites me greatly.

And now. The best of the best!

Are you ready? I mean, really ready? This is the thing that made me giggle for 10 minutes!

You SURE you’re ready?


OK… here goes….

I bring you GARROSH.

Oh no, I’m entirely serious. Are you laughing yet? You should be! Just… LOOK at him! I mean, yeah, he almost looks like a Mok’Nathal now but… wow. He just looks so… stupid. Which is entirely as it should be! Ever since that AAFL column, I can’t help but think of Garrosh screaming blood at Abesik Kampfire, and this model kind of portrays that image, no? And there’s no mistaking it for some other random orc/ogre/mok’nathal because he has his daddy’s jaw tattoo now.

Okay, okay. So ultimately, the tauren paladin normal mount -does- make me happier than Garrosh, but hey- I did it for comedic effect!

Have a great day and happy hunting!

-Mitawa of Earthen Ring


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