An Alternate Rotface Strategy – 1 Tank

July 18, 2010

So I run a rather special raid group for my hunter on Tuesday and Saturday nights. Chainmail Underpants is a raid sub-group of <Alea Iacta Est>. If you’re not familiar with the Earthen Ring server, suffice it to say that AIE is an EXTREMELY large guild. As in largest guild in existence, to the best of my knowledge. Last I knew, 5000+ accounts and still growing. (Seriously, the guild breaks the Armory and defies all attempts to  try and do a census upon it.)

If you are familiar with the Earthen Ring server, and not in AIE yourself, you’re probably groaning right now, and I’ve probably lost a good deal of your respect. You see, visitors, everyone who isn’t actually in AIE tends to dislike them. Why? Well… it’s such a big guild that they have their own LFG channel, and tend to only raid with themselves. It seems to me that the kind of members who usually PuG with folks outside the guild are often loners who don’t want the accountability of running with guildies. Therefore, the AIE members who run with non-AIE PuGs tend to suck and the guild gets a bad rap.*

For the sake of developing a raid team that can work together, though, you don’t want to PuG every week, even if you’re drawing from the slightly smaller population from within the guild, thus the raiding teams of which Chainmail Underpants is one, and I run with them. These guys are awesome. They work as a team, adapt to new situations, and experiment with alternate strategies all the time. When wipes happen, even for entirely avoidable reasons, no one gets mad or frustrated or starts yelling. If we’ve been wiping on progression for a long time and it’s almost time to stop, we swap to something easier like Sarth3D to pwn and keep up morale.

But I digress… I brought you here for Rotface, no? Long story short- these guys are willing to experiment, and if it works they celebrate it.

The alternate strategy goes something like this:

(Click the image for full size.)

One of your tanks goes DPS, and the other will be holding Rotface in the middle of the room. Then, your hunter swaps to his offtanking offspec, (something like 53/3/15) and does the job of the kiting tank. Hunter can use whatever pet they feel like for the most part, but should preferably be wearing at least PvP pants with a PvP armor kit on them for the extra stamina. Fully buffed in this build with the 25%  buff, PvP leg armor, and a Flask of Stoneblood my hunter can top 40k health, which gives the healers a bit of leeway when you need to run through the ooze.

This setup accomplishes two things:

1) The healers have less heal targets to split their concentration.

Generally speaking, between the 10% kindred spirits running buff and the ability to start kiting from range, the hunter should never come into contact with the big ooze. The only time the hunter is going to need healing is the times when he’ll have to go through a corner of the room currently being swamped by slime from the tanks.

2) Everyone who isn’t a healer can hit the boss.

More DPS on the boss means a shorter fight, shorter fights mean less chance of something going wrong on accident. Nobody goes out of mana, less “Angry Poo-poo” events, and altogether a smoother ride.

Once threat is taken with Distracting shot, and a little bit of damage is put onto the ooze to maintain that threat, the hunter can just move by strafing around the room, damaging the boss with instant shots and occasionally re-stinging the big ooze. In fact, the biggest problem I had the first time I tried this is that I moved too fast for the big ooze and that tended to make it try pathing too close to the DPS pile while trying to catch up. Therefore, occasionally stop and channel a steady or two into Rot’s face. Problem solved. :)

Just keep in mind that when the hunter goes through the slime corner, there will be a need for some healing, so let your healers know when you’ll be entering green stuff. I usually have a druid who shadows me from within the little circle at the center by the boss. This keeps her in range for the times I go through ooze, and makes the fight go smoothly.

SO! I hope you enjoy experimenting with your Rotface setup, and may all your loot be legendary!


Chainmail Underpants is currently 10/12 in ICC. Wish us luck with Sindy!

*As with all generalizations, there are some cases that will fit, and exceptions that don’t. I do realize that perfectly good AIE members may go pugging, and that not everyone on ER actually hate the guild. Please drink responsibly, don’t operate heavy machinery, etc. ^^


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