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A Multimedia Extravaganza

April 28, 2009


I’ve been meaning for awhile now to do a post where I can collect all the little Warcrafty videos and whatnot that are completely awesome and can be relinked to easily. This is, and will be, eternally under construction though. I’ve already gone on into Wednesday missing a Tuesday post for the first time just populating this thing. More to come soon, some of these links will die. If you’re talkative and want to add something or notice something is broken, please comment or contact me and I’ll keep at it!

Machinima Videos

Craft of War: BLIND

This has been listed on many another blog and site, but it really deserves to be here because the animation is truly a wonder to see. If you’re not much familiar with Warcraft videos I suggest you DON’T watch this first, because it’ll spoil everything for you and everything will look like crap in comparison. The quality is higher than YouTube, the music isn’t what I’d pick but that’s the producer’s choice, and there are a couple Matrix-style flying martial arts parts of the battle but really, it’s great. I think my favorite parts are the shadow with the lantern at the beginning and the subtle way the elf’s eyebrow is animated in her expression just before she runs away.

Oxhorn’s Page

Oxhorn has recently gotten a little… erm, vocal about his religious and political affiliations, but just about everything from The Great Kodo and the Tauren’s Kilt up to the Medley video is absolutely wonderful. You’ll want to avoid Orcs in Space unless you’re a bit slaphappy, and you’ll need to watch everything else before the Medley, but it’s good stuff. If you’re Horde (or possibly even if you play for the blue team) you’ll probably end up walking around doing housework singing the Anti-Elf Anthem.


I first found Myndflame in the first Blizzard-Xfire Machinima contest with their entry Illegal Danish. This is an awesome, classic piece of work with an all-original soundtrack. I didn’t like their first movie, Zinwrath, quite as much but Illegal Danish and it’s sequel are pure quotable awesomeness. Even better, all-original music that gets stuck in your head like MC Raiders and L2Play.

Dungeons and Dragons

A spoof of a different audio track, hilarious. You just don’t know what kind of evil kids may get themselves into until they’re screaming for Mountain Dew from the kitchen… Read the rest of this entry ?


Love is in the Air Comic!

February 25, 2009

I finished the comic, I’m posting a small version here that will (maybe, maybe not) fit in the text column, the full version is in my DeviantArt gallery. (Link to the exact image here.) It’s very big in full, 1000 pixels across. That just generally doesn’t fit here.


Yeah, okay. That’s tiny. But still, yay! I finished it!


-Mitawa, incognito as the crazy Oakwolf artist person.