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What happens in the Thousand Needles…

January 20, 2009

This is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style story. Grab a coin to flip, and read the first paragraph, making your choice and following the instructions at the end of the paragraph to your next part of the story where you will make another choice and continue on. Enjoy!



You step, blinking, into the sunlight from the shade of the massive mesa above you, wondering what to do. In just the last hour you went from the beloved child of Bloodhoof Village to an orphan, stranded in the Thousand Needles.

Reliving the incident, you recall how happy everyone was as they were walking to Freewind Post on holiday. Singing, joking, the small band was completely unprepared for the centaur attack when it happened. One of the hunters had pushed you off the road into a bush and gone to fight, and when you got back to the road, everyone you knew had died, laid out in the harsh Needles sun and the centaur run away with your food. Well, you won’t last long out here without the supplies, so do you…
Choose to take the road East? Go to 5.
West? Go to 3.


You continue along your path to the North, each step carrying you farther uphill.
Go to 16.


The road stretches before you to the west, hot and dusty. Vultures circle overhead, a short distance off the road, and the oppressive heat makes the air before you shimmer. Suddenly, a crack splits the air! You near leap out of your skin only to realize it was a frightened rabbit crossing your path, the stick it must have broken laying in pieces behind it. You sigh and make to continue on when you notice a game trail off the road that the rabbit came from. Do you…
Stick to the road, it has to lead somewhere, right? Go to 28.
Take the game trail, maybe it’ll take you someplace cooler… Go to 13.

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