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Patch Day!

August 4, 2009


1. I didn’t schedule an automatic posting this week because it was possible the patch would come out.

2. That patch did indeed come out!

3. I am SO stoked about the new forms.

4. I’m mildly worried about them nerfing Agility and Dodge Rating but buffing Block, Parry, and Mana per 5. I’m not going to go all Emo on you and say that “they” only want druids to be healers like they were in Classic… But I will say that I suffered from a moment of Noble Indignation ™ about it. Eh, it happens.

5. If anyone knows what the picture at the top of this article is, I.E. where it comes from, where you find it… I’ll give you 400 Brownie points, and if you’re the first person to do it in a comment on this post,  Edit: Etsu told me to change the reward. You’ll get custom character art from me, one pic, your choice of a portrait or forum avvie. Although, you could choose the 50g instead, but Etsu seems convinced that art would be better. :) It’s a REALLY random picture. All I’ll say is that you can get this picture at the WoW Community Site, . Yay!

Update: I’ll be taking submissions until the 21st of August. Noon, Central Standard Time. :)



May 26, 2009

Today is the day we druids have been looking forward to for night on 5 years, my friends.

“As it is with the druid, so it is with Moonglade. It is a base untruth to say that happy is the druid that has no history. Thrice happy is the druid that has a glorious history. Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious new forms, even though checkered by past low-polygon counts, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy their class nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

-“Teddy” Rose-pelt*

I have not even words to describe the wonderful thing that has happened today my friends but come patch 3.2, there will be new art atop this blog, art of a bear who is properly white as his FlagRSP description has been stating forever and a day. “Teddy’s” wife El’nore Rose-pelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” We’ve been dreaming for a long time, you and I. Those Rose-pelts were pretty smart, eh? When this day comes there will be parties, and feasting, and great 40 man conga lines of colorful bears running great patterns through the streets of Dalaran, Orgrimmar, and Thunderbluff! I declare the need for multicolor conga lines!

I can’t say much more, but I will leave you with the gift of the Devs, this beautiful picture of our new and glorious future. (Click the image for full size.)


* “Teddy” Rose-pelt is, of course, Theodore Roosevelt. His original speech which I brutalized in the name of Warcraft with great apologies to his memory is here.

Hat tip to WoW Insider, who I read the information from, and they got their information direct from the source.


I’ve been looking at as many druid blogs as possible to see what my fellow druids think of this change and I’d like to clarify a couple of issues I’ve seen crop up unaddressed.

1. This will come in “four installments” i.e. Tauren Bear, Nelf Bear, Tauren Cat, Nelf Cat. Post by Nethaera. Tree and Moonkin are something they have planned and want to do in the future, but don’t have for us right now. Do note that they want to though. ^^

2. For some reason, whoever made the picture of the new bears decided to do it with every one of them in a Roar animation. That is causing a lot of people to make loud complaints about bears with open mouths and/or “mouthbreathing”. Take a step back and read this other post by NethearaThe bears will both sit and idle while standing with their mouths closed! Isn’t this exciting?!

Also, on a personal note, I wanted to add that lots of people on the official thread keep saying that they wish this wasn’t just a new model and skin, but that they were adding our armor to our bear form. My personal stance on this, is that… I know we’ve been looking exactly the same for ages now, but can you even picture how dumb a bear with a hat and shoulders on would look? (Seriously, what’s on that poor thing’s head?!) One of the things I really like about changing form is that If my gear is best in slot or even just the best I have right now but it looks like something a colorblind beaver would decorate with, I can make it go away by shifting. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had gear sets that looked worse than tauren cat form, even before they put fur on it’s face.

Personally, I’d rather wear epic gear on my humanoid model where it would make sense, and stay as a bear. If I want to show something off, I can. If I would rather something never see the light of day for fear DEHTA would string me out (and the thing is just freaky anyway) than I can stand around in a form until I change into more appropriate looking gear…


A Multimedia Extravaganza

April 28, 2009


I’ve been meaning for awhile now to do a post where I can collect all the little Warcrafty videos and whatnot that are completely awesome and can be relinked to easily. This is, and will be, eternally under construction though. I’ve already gone on into Wednesday missing a Tuesday post for the first time just populating this thing. More to come soon, some of these links will die. If you’re talkative and want to add something or notice something is broken, please comment or contact me and I’ll keep at it!

Machinima Videos

Craft of War: BLIND

This has been listed on many another blog and site, but it really deserves to be here because the animation is truly a wonder to see. If you’re not much familiar with Warcraft videos I suggest you DON’T watch this first, because it’ll spoil everything for you and everything will look like crap in comparison. The quality is higher than YouTube, the music isn’t what I’d pick but that’s the producer’s choice, and there are a couple Matrix-style flying martial arts parts of the battle but really, it’s great. I think my favorite parts are the shadow with the lantern at the beginning and the subtle way the elf’s eyebrow is animated in her expression just before she runs away.

Oxhorn’s Page

Oxhorn has recently gotten a little… erm, vocal about his religious and political affiliations, but just about everything from The Great Kodo and the Tauren’s Kilt up to the Medley video is absolutely wonderful. You’ll want to avoid Orcs in Space unless you’re a bit slaphappy, and you’ll need to watch everything else before the Medley, but it’s good stuff. If you’re Horde (or possibly even if you play for the blue team) you’ll probably end up walking around doing housework singing the Anti-Elf Anthem.


I first found Myndflame in the first Blizzard-Xfire Machinima contest with their entry Illegal Danish. This is an awesome, classic piece of work with an all-original soundtrack. I didn’t like their first movie, Zinwrath, quite as much but Illegal Danish and it’s sequel are pure quotable awesomeness. Even better, all-original music that gets stuck in your head like MC Raiders and L2Play.

Dungeons and Dragons

A spoof of a different audio track, hilarious. You just don’t know what kind of evil kids may get themselves into until they’re screaming for Mountain Dew from the kitchen… Read the rest of this entry ?


In which there was a lot of pondering.

February 24, 2009

Edit: This post is somewhat out of date as of… well, most of Wrath, actually. It reflects ideas based on game/quest/lore design that doesn’t really exist, especially since the chaos of the Cataclysm. It has nothing to do with a world in which Moira Bronzebeard is trying to rule the dwarves or a world in which Garrosh has visited Azeroth and become a faction leader.

While portions of both factions maintain some of the aspects I’ve highlighted here, the broad generalizations are much less accurate than they had been.


So Etsugal and I were sitting around having lunch yesterday, and somehow go on the subject of Warcraft lore, and how everyone has a side. It was brought up how the Alliance is always seen as the “Good Guys” and the Horde, depending on point of view, are “Bad Guys” or at the very least “Monsters that Don’t Deserve to Live”. From this point, as is natural in rambling conversations about fictional universes that keep us from doing the homework due in two hours, it then branched out and we explored the classic Warcraft villains and heroes and tried to define what exactly we were talking about.

Now, the first way that we tried to define evil was, “Destruction. Ultimate selfishness, something for you on someone else’s tab. (Be it their money, time, or their physical, emotional, or psychological well-being.)” A hero, then, was someone who did things at personal cost for a moral or ideal. One caviot, of course, is that a hero to one side of a situation is often a villain to the opposite side. For example, the Burning Legion are Bad Guys; they want destruction and a world of their choosing at the expense of lots of other people. The Scarlet Crusade has lots of people fighting for a cause that actually does have good intentions, I mean: who doesn’t want to see the Scourge eradicated? On the other hand, they also want to kill us and anyone that isn’t human and part of their order so… Heroes? Sure. My heroes? Not so much.

I liked this because by these definitions, a farmer in the third war just trying to get the harvest in before fleeing the country from the Scourge is a hero. He could flee and be safe, but he knows that the army needs food and so he puts himself in danger for the sake of a greater cause.

And then I remembered a much better explanation of it all…

Read the rest of this entry ?


Field Book 1: Tauren Skeleton

February 3, 2009


Tawadikata, “Hawk Eye”, is a tauren hunter on the Silver Hand server who spends her days exploring and taking samples around all of Azeroth. Her studies began as a fascination with the origin of the mesas of Thunderbluff and the banded rocks in the Barrens and have grown to include any kind of Natural History she can track down to examine.


As I walk in this strange land, the other continent (or as the humans say “Eastern Kingdoms”), I find myself stalking through Alliance-held lands and examining what is there. It is about a fortnight and a half into my journey north from Grom’Gol Outpost in the Stranglethorn Jungle, and last night I stopped just within the sheltering crags of the mountains bordering on Westfall. As I leaned against Shteawa’s tawny side and began to drift off to sleep under his watchful eye and rumbling purr, I heard in the distance a series of lowing sounds.

Fully awake and curious as to the new creature out in the darkness, I hushed Shteawa and crept down the slope toward the sound. As I approached, the lowing got louder; accompanied by twigs snapping, leaves crunching, and a dull metallic clunking sound. I remember thinking to myself that whatever creature this is must either be caught in a trap and fearing for it’s life, exceedingly dangerous, or stupid enough to be unaware of the dangers posed by making so much noise at night. Read the rest of this entry ?