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In which there was a lot of pondering.

February 24, 2009

Edit: This post is somewhat out of date as of… well, most of Wrath, actually. It reflects ideas based on game/quest/lore design that doesn’t really exist, especially since the chaos of the Cataclysm. It has nothing to do with a world in which Moira Bronzebeard is trying to rule the dwarves or a world in which Garrosh has visited Azeroth and become a faction leader.

While portions of both factions maintain some of the aspects I’ve highlighted here, the broad generalizations are much less accurate than they had been.


So Etsugal and I were sitting around having lunch yesterday, and somehow go on the subject of Warcraft lore, and how everyone has a side. It was brought up how the Alliance is always seen as the “Good Guys” and the Horde, depending on point of view, are “Bad Guys” or at the very least “Monsters that Don’t Deserve to Live”. From this point, as is natural in rambling conversations about fictional universes that keep us from doing the homework due in two hours, it then branched out and we explored the classic Warcraft villains and heroes and tried to define what exactly we were talking about.

Now, the first way that we tried to define evil was, “Destruction. Ultimate selfishness, something for you on someone else’s tab. (Be it their money, time, or their physical, emotional, or psychological well-being.)” A hero, then, was someone who did things at personal cost for a moral or ideal. One caviot, of course, is that a hero to one side of a situation is often a villain to the opposite side. For example, the Burning Legion are Bad Guys; they want destruction and a world of their choosing at the expense of lots of other people. The Scarlet Crusade has lots of people fighting for a cause that actually does have good intentions, I mean: who doesn’t want to see the Scourge eradicated? On the other hand, they also want to kill us and anyone that isn’t human and part of their order so… Heroes? Sure. My heroes? Not so much.

I liked this because by these definitions, a farmer in the third war just trying to get the harvest in before fleeing the country from the Scourge is a hero. He could flee and be safe, but he knows that the army needs food and so he puts himself in danger for the sake of a greater cause.

And then I remembered a much better explanation of it all…

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What do you do when you’re fresh outta WoW?

January 6, 2009

Hey! I made it to my first update! I suppose that’s always a good thing, eh? Well, after creating Going Bearfoot, I immediately went out of state where I have no contact with this game that we all love and love to hate so much, so I go now on location to Very Rainy Alabama:

You run into this problem a lot, actually. Travelling and being stuck on hotel or ‘Net Cafe computers…even if you have a laptop with our game on it you may not find a good enough connection to play. Your computer can crash, maintenence can run long, a tree can take out the wires to your house… however it happens, sometimes when you really want to play, ya just can’t.

I suppose writing and fiddling with my widget-y bits here can account for some time now, especially since I’ll be updating on Tuesdays primarily. (Less of a weekly maintenence thing and more a class scheduling thing, actually. Likely to change next fall.) When I find myself out of internet though, I often turn to other games to fill the time. Spore, Warcraft III, Starctaft, and Diablo; Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Digimon Rumble with friends; NDS Pokemon, Spore again, and whatever we rent from Blockbuster. Recently we picked up a copy of Chocobo’s Dungeon for the Wii and it’s just so freaking cute.

I also sketch, often tauren and dwarves but also other people’s characters and even entire pictures unrelated to WoW. (Yes, there really is a world outside of Azeroth! I could have sworn that little loading sentance about going outside the World of Warcraft with your friends was nothing but lies!) I have leather tooling supplies and I often find myself reading, too.

Alright, so there are other things you can do (what with there being a whole great big planet that didn’t even have Warcraft until recently). But what if you really really want your Warcraft fix and you just can’t get it? Well, you could browse WoWWiki, go play WoW as a Murloc, and thumb through WoWInsider. You could see if your library and/or Barnes and Noble have the Warcraft novels, RPG books, and stretegy guides

We’ll get through it… somehow…painfully.

I’ll be back next week with a better post. Seriously. No, I mean it, I have a list! It’ll be there, man!