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Public Service Announcement: The BEST Patch Evar!

June 29, 2011


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted regularly, and probably no one comes here anymore except, apparently, for my post about troll and worgen druid forms… weird. Oh well. In any case, I must present to you… THE BEST PATCH IN HISTORY.

What? No! I don’t care about that big scrub, Ragnaros!

Epic feral weapon? Yeah, I suppose that’s cool, too.

Oh, and it changes Cat form to look crazy epic. Meh, you DO see the picture of a bear at the top of this page, right?

You really don’t know what I’m talking about? Really? Wow. Well then, allow me to educate you!

THEY FINALLY DID IT! We can rearrange our character lists!

Always wanted your toons in order from highest level to lowest? Boom. Done.

Most to least played? Easy.

Alphabetically by name? Race? Class?? Yeah, you can do those too.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Er. Um… That’s actually a really good question, but it probably has to do with my tendency to be OCD. Like srsly. My character list has bothered me for years now, but I haven’t wanted to pay $400+ dollars to do something about it… I’ve only got tendencies toward the deep end; I’m not quite there yet. (Granted, I think Etsu thinks I’m all the way in the deep end. She showed me the rearranging thing and I… well, I believe there was squealing and jumping and lots of maniacal grinning involved. Or something.)

In any case, enjoy rearranging your toons, people, I know I will! ……….. If I can figure out what order the need to be in… Alph- no, er, level- no… DANG.