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Druid forms, LOLcat edition

June 2, 2009

LOLbullSo I was looking at the new Tauren cat forms and came to four conclusions:

1- These ARE better than the current model.

2- I’m happy that I spend most of my time in Bear.

3- I wish the forms weren’t necessarily tied to your fur color.

4- With the extremely long face and tiny eyes, these remind me of bull terriers.

To help space out the image density here a little bit, I’m going to talk about the new forms and the picture will be down at the bottom of this post. I’m very happy to have any kind of update at all, don’t take what I’m going to be saying to heart. It’s just that… well, I feel like the model art on this is out of proportion. It could be (and probably is) just the angle of the “screen shots” but the heads look to be somewhere near the size of the entire rest of the body, and that’s just weird.

Also, Mitawa is a white tauren and that’s a fact very important to his character. I mean, he’s not some sacred “chosen one” or anything, but it’s always been a part of him. Heck, his name translates to “milk”. (Because he’s white. If anyone says anything about tauren and milk that implies a connection to cows I’mma smack ’em into the twisting nether.) Unfortunately, while I really like the white bear form, my current favorite cat form is the one in the lower left corner (the blonde one).

Unfortunately one of the things I was really hoping for didn’t happen with these. I knew they wouldn’t go back through and chage the animations in addition to changing the models, but I was really hoping for a cat that… stood.  That whole crouchy, I’m-‘onna-get-you thing is fine for stealth and being in combat, (The way you’re character gets into a crouch if you right click on something out of range. You sit there looking all like a fighter.) but I always have a hard time taking seriously the cat whose just standing around town in a fighting crouch. Anyone who wants to roleplay in cat form either has to be jacked up nervous all the time, or always sitting/laying.

I’m happy they took pictures with the mouths closed this time.

I hate the stupid nose-ring.

My last comment has to do with the “bull terrier” comment. The eyes really matter. Since patch 3.1 where they somehow changed the skins of aturen in the ocular area, all of my tauren boys have been wearing helmets. That cataract-y effect is just weird, and totally ruins it. The tauren bears are awesome because they have such intense eyes, and the Nelf bears just don’t have the same impact because glowing eyes have do depth. The fact that the eyes on these cat models are so small is what really makes them look wierd to me. Long face + tiny eyes = Spudz MacKenzie.

Again, I like these. These are much better than we currently have, but a girl can dream, right?

The shot of the forms below, image is clickable to the full-sized image. (Width is restricted here.)


EDIT: Note that this post was written a whole 7 hours before this one at WoW Insider. ;)  I WIN AT TEH INTERWEBZ!

EDIT the 2nd: Okay, so Allison Robert came to my blog to bring it… and I had nothing to bring myself. But they’re still bull terriers, damnit! rofl