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Cyclone crits you for 35,210. Your power dies.

July 16, 2009

TornadoI’m here to apologize for my spotty posting recently. Between sudden out-of-state trips for family emergencies and the remarkable number of violent storms across the midwest, it’s been hard for me to get things out on time. Heck, the last storm left about 1,000 people here without power for three days, our house included.


This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to start writing posts a week in advance and queuing them up so I always have something out by 10 am on Tuesday.



I’ll start by postponing this week’s post until next week, and I’ll always post on time from here on. Bear’s honor! So, be sure you come back next tuesday for another exciting installment of Going Bearfoot!



May 14, 2009

Meet Angus. Angus is my computer now that Jack fell down and couldn’t get back up. In any case, Warcraft and it’s two expansions are installed and it’s necessary at this point to try to remember all the little add-ons that make life livable, and re-bookmark sites I’m not sure I remember anymore. I’m happy though, to have a functioning (although lobotomized) machine again.

With that, I leave you with Angus’ first screenshot:

Tauren Constellation



KSOD crits you for 17536436524. You Die.

May 12, 2009

ksodWell. I had a nice post all worked out for today but I’ve been greeted by a rather unwelcome visitor after attempting to update my video card driver. (If you have an nVidia card DO NOT update to 185.85 unless you absolutely have to. Checking around forums, 185.85 is the Russian Roulette of video drivers.)

See the picture at the top here? Add a white arrow to it and you have yourself the new and Vista-specific “KSOD” or Black Screen of Death. (BSOD was already taken. Joy.) Unfortunately, I could probably fix the KSOD by following the instructions in that link there, but I don’t actually have the Vista discs, just the “Gateway OS with Vista” discs for my computer. I can’t use them to run a command prompt, just do a total teardown on the comp. Really, I’m OK with this, except that there’s one file I need that isn’t backed up. ONE file but I NEED it. /sigh. Ah well.

In other words… my computer won’t start, I’m using Etsu’s computer for now, and updates will have to wait on functionality for now. See around later, people.