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A Tanking Primer: The Pull

July 21, 2009

hey bearWelcome to a brand new series I’ll be starting here on Going Bearfoot, a tanking primer! Here we’ll explore a new aspect of tanking each week for the next several weeks, starting with today’s topic, the pull. My hope is that I’ll manage to stay objective enough to cover tanking aspects without making this a “druid only” resource, and even include things specific to my warrior, paladin, and death knight brethren.

Tanking Primer Table of Contents

1. The Pull

2. Tank Talk

3. Adaptability

4. To be continued…


As a tank, you have a responsibility to your group to always make sure that everyone is with you, has mana, is back from their AFK, etc. before you engage the enemy. Always keep an eye to your party unit frames in between trash pulls, if someone is less than say 40% or 50% of their mana, try to stop and wait for them to drink. If you’re at a boss, the /readycheck command is a beautiful thing to make sure that everyone is still on the same page.

Once you get to that point where everyone is ready though, you have a number of options for how you should enter combat and they all depend upon the situation.

  • The standard charge
  • Ranged pull
  • Prox pull
  • LoS
  • AoE pull
  • Specialty pulls specific to party make-up.

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Herding Cats, AKA …Let’s go to Plan B, shall we?

June 9, 2009


So. This is what happens when guild drama explodes at a somewhat late hour on a Monday night. I think more than anything I’m probably confused by what happened, but generally I’m proud to be a card-carrying charter member and senior officer of the newly formed <Blades of Dawn>.

Being in the position at the moment, I’d like to take this white space and talk about guilds and guild management. There are a few things that I think are absolutely essential to having a healthy guild.

  • A mission statement, and defined direction for the guild.
  • A reliable officer core that is both larger than the one person leading the guild, smaller than 20% of the guild (or so), and shares a reasonable amount of power with the leader.
  • Defined rules about behavior within the guild, when running with PuGs and a general looting policy.
  • An application with recruiting policy.
  • A trial period with a defined end point.
  • Semi-regular guild meetings.
  • More than 4 events a month, less than 25.

Things that are nice to have but not essential include:

  • A forum, with “News” section or splash page.
  • Themed officer roles.

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In the Beginning…

December 30, 2008

So here I am, a brand new blogger joining the ranks of those who have gone before me, hoping that I have at least a few thoughts in my head that haven’t been covered better, and more in depth by other people. I think there’s something there, but before I go and start talking about those things, I imagine it’s awfully pert to leave you hanging with no proper introduction.

So hello! I’m a lot of things, primarily a nerdy gamer girl for the purposes of this ‘blog. In fact, in case you couldn’t tell from the title up there at the top all shiny-like, my main obsession is my bear druid on the Horde side of the Earthen Ring server. I’ve also got a tauren hunter, and on another server a good handful of dwarves whom I love to pieces even if tauren are my usual thing. So far as my bear and his emphasis on this mode of communication though, I’d like to stop here and make one thing clear: I won’t be theorycrafting every last .1% of my threat or survivability and my spec will look a bit odd for a bear because I play┬áthe remarkably underpublicized and underappreciated role of “offtank”. Seriously! No wait! Don’t walk away yet, hear me out! See, offtank isn’t a role for the less-experienced or less-loved guys with buckets on their heads anymore, an offtank is a support role. You specialize in versatility and the Oshite button. You know, to the thumblength, exactly what you can put out and stay under the main tank’s threat so if he goes down, Mr. Bignugly goes onto your head and doesn’t rampage about, but you don’t get him prematurely and go down in a puff of smoke because your friends with the green glowy hands couldn’t react fast enough. As a druid, you also have the ability to take over a healer spot in case of emergency, or act as crowd-control, pop your battle ressurect spell, toss an innervate, stack some bleeds, and generally run around mopping up all the little spills that everyone doesn’t notice in the heat of battle. If I ever got stuck as a main tank, see, i couldn’t do any of those things… I wouldn’t be tanking if I tried to, I’d be a little smear of tauren who got out of bear form. Appreciate your offtanks, especially the ones who can be other things when they need to!

Along with being an offtank, I’m also one of those hairy, scary “Are-Pee-ers.” Only, I don’t do it right, see? I’ve never done cyborz or danced naked on a mailbox in my life (Okay, maybe once, but my character was drunk I tell you!). For whatever reason, I seem to try to roleplay as… a person. Like a REAL person. Not the long-lost tauren son of Thrall, or the One and ONLY person who killed Onyxia (nevermind that LOTS of people try to claim that feat). In fact, taken side by side with many “roleplayers” my characters are positively boring what with not having glowing green scars, or demon wings, or even a shadow that goes off on it’s own to do unmentionable things. Ah, well. What’s done is done. Le sigh.

There are other things, like being some kind of walking Lore encyclopedia, and an owner of cats, a draw-er of sketches, stitcher of leather, finder of fossils and minerals, honestly though I think those first two things are the biggies and what I’m going to be writing about. Obviously, of course, I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be on topic (and that sounds dreadfully boring anyway) but I’ll try. Just like I’ll try to update at least once a week. That’s what I’m shooting for. Maybe. We’ll see.

So there we have it- now I’m off to try and spruce this thing up!