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Is that a jingle in your pocket or are ya just happy to see me?

March 3, 2009

gold-coinsSo I had this weird bug a few days ago where I logged in and went to change servers and make a new character except that I got the message “You already have the maximum amount of characters allowed on this account.” This, in itself, isn’t that strange. Really, I’m a certifiable alt-aholic. Some little dwarf or tauren will magically appear in my head demanding that she be made NOW, and write her story. In any case, I had too many characters and went to do a general purge of those below level 10 on servers I’ll never go to again.

As I went through and deleted them, however… my character total didn’t go down. Oh no, it kept going up. To the point I had 60 some characters, including servers I know I’ve never played on (Read: PvP servers and me do NOT play nice).  If I clicked on the servers though, there was nothing in the character list. So… 7 characters server list, 0 within the server. After I restarted my computer and disabled my add-ons, all the “extras” had gone poof, I was down to 35 characters total, and I still can’t create new characters because I have the maximum allowed on my account.

I’ll tell you now, you will never have to create a character so desperately as when you are unable to do so. It chafes.

To occupy my time then, I’ve been going through the alts I do have and came across something rather strange. On Silver Hand I have a level 16 gnome mage, the only Alliance character I have on that server and only level 16. This is important. 16.

I logged on to see what she had and see if I should delete her when I happened to glance at her bags and see she’s carrying nearly 460 gold. Now, I don’t know about you, but upon joining a new server I can usually make a decent chunk of change from copper ore… this is ridiculous though. I don’t really remember what happened, but I think it had something to do with selling off Lovely Black Dresses last year Valentine’s. Crazy stuff, man.


Proof ^


Anyway, you have my apologies for a “filler” post, but I have to be going out of town to visit a family member whose health is failing. I’ll get back to some meatier stuff next week, promise.

-Da Barr