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Herding Cats, AKA …Let’s go to Plan B, shall we?

June 9, 2009


So. This is what happens when guild drama explodes at a somewhat late hour on a Monday night. I think more than anything I’m probably confused by what happened, but generally I’m proud to be a card-carrying charter member and senior officer of the newly formed <Blades of Dawn>.

Being in the position at the moment, I’d like to take this white space and talk about guilds and guild management. There are a few things that I think are absolutely essential to having a healthy guild.

  • A mission statement, and defined direction for the guild.
  • A reliable officer core that is both larger than the one person leading the guild, smaller than 20% of the guild (or so), and shares a reasonable amount of power with the leader.
  • Defined rules about behavior within the guild, when running with PuGs and a general looting policy.
  • An application with recruiting policy.
  • A trial period with a defined end point.
  • Semi-regular guild meetings.
  • More than 4 events a month, less than 25.

Things that are nice to have but not essential include:

  • A forum, with “News” section or splash page.
  • Themed officer roles.

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