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Advice to New (Druid) Healers

July 7, 2009

TreeSo, what happens to a bear when said bear begins running heroics and raids with two spectacular Prot warriors and a bunch of DPS? Yep. Said bear is stripped of all fur and mashed down until it fits inside a giant hollow log costume and you end up with a tree. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even try to roll on feral gear anymore, I just take it if there’s not a Cat or rogue lying around.

Hello, my name is Mitawa and I… am a tree.

Apparently a rather good one. I’m not really sure how, but I’m apparently the go-to guy for new healers now. I wipe the meters with people better geared than me, and it’s a very strange feeling.

Now, I’ve found that once people get into the swing of healing they do allright, but the largest obstacle in the way is they just don’t know where to start. Therefore, I’m going to break it down into the five biggest things that new trees (or recommissioned bears) ought to know so they can feel confident enough to type, “Healer LFG hVH!”

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Healing as a Tank

May 19, 2009

TreeSo, I’ve started actually using my Paw-Paw Bear other spec. It seems that no matter what the status of the “tank shortage” is on other servers, Earthen Ring isn’t part of it. No, what I see most is “LF2M [instance], heals and DPS.” This is a pretty nice thing for Estu and I because it means we can get in on just about anything that’s going down, but it also means that I only get to be a bear while doing dailies… It puts me in a unique position. I hadn’t healed much before this, I think I did one Zul’Farrak run healing at level 50 with healing gear thrown onto my feral build… and In Kara whenever we did Nightbane, invariably the healers would drop one by one and I’d get out of Cat form and give the tank all the mana I had. This is different though, this main healing thing. And today’s post will be some of my observations on learning to heal from the perspective of someone whose first instinct is to be the biggest target of the bunch.

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Love is in the Air Comic!

February 25, 2009

I finished the comic, I’m posting a small version here that will (maybe, maybe not) fit in the text column, the full version is in my DeviantArt gallery. (Link to the exact image here.) It’s very big in full, 1000 pixels across. That just generally doesn’t fit here.


Yeah, okay. That’s tiny. But still, yay! I finished it!


-Mitawa, incognito as the crazy Oakwolf artist person.


The “girl” thing.

January 27, 2009


You know, female problems. Yeesh, no! Not that.

What I mean is the issues that surround being a girl, particularly a tanking girl in this game we love. The problem isn’t as severe as it once was, there are a helluva lot more girls playing games now (even crazy shooter games like Halo). Really, the issues are some of the same things that come up in real, live, day-to-day interactions between people as well as some web-specific ones that come with being a girl playing a male toon.

As far as being a girl in general goes, I think the whole mess was more than adequately covered by people like Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick. There are a lot more of us and it’s not necessary to stand up before the people you meet to say, “Hi, I’m “GnarcFntsyNam” and I…am a girl.” The internet, however, is a pretty faceless place, and nobody actually knows who you are which can cause some unfortunate assumptions later on.

Ultimately, the simplist and most forgivable of these is pronoun confusion but a bad assumption could go anywhere from there to wiping a raid by speaking in Vent, or perhaps the worst: someone assuming you’re a guy, everyone else in the party are guys, so this is “guy time” and we can say whatever pre-women’s-lib diarrhea of the mouth should happen to issue forth under “John Gabriel’s Internet Fuckwad Theory“. No, stuff like this doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. And it frequently pisses me off.

Generally speaking, my rules are as follows:

1. Friends know who I am.

2. Guild members*know who I am.

3. PuGs can know that I’m a damn good tank, and the people I’m with will refer to me as “he”.

4. Everyone in world chat channels is male until proven otherwise, by the great ordaining power of idiotic internet assumptions.

*Guild members know who I am unless they forget. It happens.

I will make a confession though. When I joined Heroes and we were just starting to set up weekly Kara runs (Damn, it feels like ‘back in the day’ already, doesn’t it?) I intentionally put off getting a mic. I was tanking and unfamiliar with the instance, but I just couldn’t bring myself to get a microphone.

See, it’s one of the stupid unspoken laws of gaming that girls ARE healers, girls MAY be dps, but girls AREN’T tanks. Apparently getting horrible permenant battle scars on your FACE is a thing for guys to do. Honestly, I don’t care if girls tank (it would be absolutely rediculous if I did, no?) but they just don’t tend to or come forward about it. The first time I ever went to an instance with a tank who’s toon was female it made me smile for a week, even though I knew ‘she’ was played by a ‘he’.

For all I know half the tanks out there could be girls under those buckets, I’m not the one claiming to have good data on who is what. I’m just calling ’em as I see ’em. Whenever I tank, I feel like I’m actively spitting in the eye of Status Quo. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside…