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And now for something completely different…

March 28, 2011

Warcraft players, this post has nothing to do with anything in Azeroth… My apologies. I’ll probably post real content during the summer, but this pre-professional¬†thing seems to take a lot more work than I generally have time for. ¬†Blogs and such get neglected. For now enjoy a picture of a puppy, and try not to disown me to harshly, kay? When you’ve had three tests and a 4-hour field experience in one day, this sort of thing can preserve one’s sanity.

Okay, I’m silly.

Like, really really silly.

I’m silly about my dog. He’s a sheltie. He’s adorable, smart, athletic, sweet… but then, I could be anyone describing any sheltie. They’re just awesome. But this is a blog about a video game, so how do they overlap? Well, Nintendo just made their new 3DS system, and the new version of Nintendogs has shelties. v_v

Hence, the silliness referred to earlier.

Nintendogs has this feature where the 3DS acts as a pedometer, you start the game go “out” for a “walk”, and then put the system in standby, into your pocket, and then go about your business. The dog in the game “walks” with you through the pedometer feature and if you open it up every once in a while he/she will bring you little gifts lying on the sidewalk. In this manner, you can play a video game and take your pixel puppy for a walk while you take your real puppy for a walk; something my real puppy is thrilled to do.

The ‘prizes’ you get seem to vary with the number of steps you take before opening the machine, so in the interest of science and adding to the community knowledge base (and because the game is so new no one has really tip/info/cheat sites up yet; although the idea of min/maxing a virtual pet game is laughable), I am going to just keep this post up to keep track of what I get and how many steps it took to get there.

Nintendogs + Cats Pedometer Item List

10-99 Basic Biscuits (# Steps/10)
100-999 Upgraded Biscuits (Fish cookie, jerky,Cat grass, etc.) (# Steps/100)
1000 Plastic Bottle, Surprise Cookie, Stuffed Dog Toy, Leather Shoe, Piggy Bank, Premium Shampoo
2000 White Hibiscus Flower, Black Striped Bow
3000 Naptime Record, Surprise Beat Record
4000 ???
5000 Red Hat
6000 Scholar Glasses
7000 ???
8000 Feathered Green Cap
9000 ???
10000 Faux Leopard Collar, Glitzy Collar

Yep. I’m silly.

P.S.- I have no idea what “Surprise” Cookies do. Your dog gets a flowery sparkle when he/she eats it, but other than that? No idea. The tooltip is… very odd.