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Cyclone crits you for 35,210. Your power dies.

July 16, 2009

TornadoI’m here to apologize for my spotty posting recently. Between sudden out-of-state trips for family emergencies and the remarkable number of violent storms across the midwest, it’s been hard for me to get things out on time. Heck, the last storm left about 1,000 people here without power for three days, our house included.


This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to start writing posts a week in advance and queuing them up so I always have something out by 10 am on Tuesday.



I’ll start by postponing this week’s post until next week, and I’ll always post on time from here on. Bear’s honor! So, be sure you come back next tuesday for another exciting installment of Going Bearfoot!


Mass Abductions

February 28, 2009

abductionSo, as anyone paying attention to WoWInsider or a number of the various other places we find blogs about our game might know, Resto4Life is shutting down due to a “bun in the oven” and such things.

The somewhat unsettling thing, however, is that this seems to be symptomatic of a much larger movement within the “Blog-o-sphere”. Checking through my bookmarks, at least five of them (R4L included) are shutting down, considering shutting down, or just moving in a new direction.

  • Resto4Life – As noted above, totally understand the whole having kids thing. It is almost like one of those “life-changing” sort of deals.
  • Gun Loving Dwarf Chick – Has taken the “moving in a new direction” approach. Closing GLDC to work on priesty stuff and the Twisting Nether podcasts.
  • The Rambling Bear – Hasn’t been updated in months, no official post on it though.
  • That Damn Role Player – Is considering leaving the game altogether. and…
  • Hots-n-Dots – Disappeared like it had never existed… (Yeah, the link is broken, but I had to make it match the other four. HAD to. Obsessive? No, why would you ask that?)

This is sadness, and yet life does go on. They all had very good reasons (or at least I’m assuming that wherever we aren’t told what happened, it was a good reason). I’ll be sad to see all these guys go, but I wish them all the best of luck with whatever they are doing, or will be doing, now.


P.s. – Yeah, I kinda broke that whole only posting on Tuesdays thing but hey, at least this is activity in the right direction, eh?


What do you do when you’re fresh outta WoW?

January 6, 2009

Hey! I made it to my first update! I suppose that’s always a good thing, eh? Well, after creating Going Bearfoot, I immediately went out of state where I have no contact with this game that we all love and love to hate so much, so I go now on location to Very Rainy Alabama:

You run into this problem a lot, actually. Travelling and being stuck on hotel or ‘Net Cafe computers…even if you have a laptop with our game on it you may not find a good enough connection to play. Your computer can crash, maintenence can run long, a tree can take out the wires to your house… however it happens, sometimes when you really want to play, ya just can’t.

I suppose writing and fiddling with my widget-y bits here can account for some time now, especially since I’ll be updating on Tuesdays primarily. (Less of a weekly maintenence thing and more a class scheduling thing, actually. Likely to change next fall.) When I find myself out of internet though, I often turn to other games to fill the time. Spore, Warcraft III, Starctaft, and Diablo; Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Digimon Rumble with friends; NDS Pokemon, Spore again, and whatever we rent from Blockbuster. Recently we picked up a copy of Chocobo’s Dungeon for the Wii and it’s just so freaking cute.

I also sketch, often tauren and dwarves but also other people’s characters and even entire pictures unrelated to WoW. (Yes, there really is a world outside of Azeroth! I could have sworn that little loading sentance about going outside the World of Warcraft with your friends was nothing but lies!) I have leather tooling supplies and I often find myself reading, too.

Alright, so there are other things you can do (what with there being a whole great big planet that didn’t even have Warcraft until recently). But what if you really really want your Warcraft fix and you just can’t get it? Well, you could browse WoWWiki, go play WoW as a Murloc, and thumb through WoWInsider. You could see if your library and/or Barnes and Noble have the Warcraft novels, RPG books, and stretegy guides

We’ll get through it… somehow…painfully.

I’ll be back next week with a better post. Seriously. No, I mean it, I have a list! It’ll be there, man!