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I accepted the Prism Challenge.

May 28, 2009

PrismChallengeAnd therefore have a new guild. No, they’re not huge with progression walking into Ulduar and having things die, but they’re in the process of gearing up to start Naxx, and that actually sounds like a good place to be. Right on the leading edge of progression to bleed and sweat and swear with them and become part of a tight-knit unit that can rely on each other. I miss having a second “family” of sorts. It’s a little dull when the only other person to be in guild chat is also in the room with you in RL. Makes the green text kind of pointless, you know?

In any case both Etsugal and I were both invited into the guild last night…or, early this morning I suppose. You know how gaming time works. O.o Invited by a wonderful, intelligent, and fun person we’d seen around in the Earthen Ring Rp OOC channel (/join ForTheHorde). And if she’s any indication of the other kinds of personalities in the guild, I believe we have a good match indeed.

So, new guild! Yay! Also, here’s a screenshot from the HoL run we did immediately upon joining. Yes, a Giant Sewer Rat with a pet buscuit really IS half as tall as a tauren. I have half a mind to take this little (BIG) rat into Ironforge to fish up Old Ironjaw. I know I wouldn’t get ganked because all those tiny little Alliance types would be running in fear of RATZILLA! Muahahaha!