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A Tanking Primer: The Pull

July 21, 2009

hey bearWelcome to a brand new series I’ll be starting here on Going Bearfoot, a tanking primer! Here we’ll explore a new aspect of tanking each week for the next several weeks, starting with today’s topic, the pull. My hope is that I’ll manage to stay objective enough to cover tanking aspects without making this a “druid only” resource, and even include things specific to my warrior, paladin, and death knight brethren.

Tanking Primer Table of Contents

1. The Pull

2. Tank Talk

3. Adaptability

4. To be continued…


As a tank, you have a responsibility to your group to always make sure that everyone is with you, has mana, is back from their AFK, etc. before you engage the enemy. Always keep an eye to your party unit frames in between trash pulls, if someone is less than say 40% or 50% of their mana, try to stop and wait for them to drink. If you’re at a boss, the /readycheck command is a beautiful thing to make sure that everyone is still on the same page.

Once you get to that point where everyone is ready though, you have a number of options for how you should enter combat and they all depend upon the situation.

  • The standard charge
  • Ranged pull
  • Prox pull
  • LoS
  • AoE pull
  • Specialty pulls specific to party make-up.

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