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Aeodh mac Aodh

March 10, 2009

siege_engineA cheerful orange glow issued from the coals as a stocky dwarf pumped the bellows three more times and wiped her forehead on a rolled-up sleeve, grinning. Between the clanging of hammer on iron and the roaring of the wind over the top of the chimney, Aeodh and her father weren’t able to speak, but they did share their excitement in identical expressions of glee as the last piece of heavy-tank armor plating got its final shaping. Tomorrow, the piece would be heaved up against the side of the great war machine being built in their shop and bolted into place. Technically, there were still some minor things to clean up, aesthetic modifications to make, and the final check of all the fittings, but effectively this project was done.

Aeodh resumed pumping as part of the coal bed started to darken, and her mind began to wander. After the first four daughters who took up tailoring with his wife, Aodh Steamsmith had decided that his next child would be a son, one way or another. One more bouncing bundle of joy later and he had Aeodh, his new “son”, wrapped in a blue scrap of wool and handed around the tavern for toasts. It was only about five years ago that she’d really started helping her father in his siege vehicle workshop though, even if she’d been in here “helping” since she was a baby. Truth be told, her first steps were made from her mother’s skirt over to her Pa’s toolbox when Ma wasn’t looking. Her father was just fit to bust with pride when he saw that, and knew he finally had the heir to the family business he’d been hoping for. Read the rest of this entry ?


Mass Abductions

February 28, 2009

abductionSo, as anyone paying attention to WoWInsider or a number of the various other places we find blogs about our game might know, Resto4Life is shutting down due to a “bun in the oven” and such things.

The somewhat unsettling thing, however, is that this seems to be symptomatic of a much larger movement within the “Blog-o-sphere”. Checking through my bookmarks, at least five of them (R4L included) are shutting down, considering shutting down, or just moving in a new direction.

  • Resto4Life – As noted above, totally understand the whole having kids thing. It is almost like one of those “life-changing” sort of deals.
  • Gun Loving Dwarf Chick – Has taken the “moving in a new direction” approach. Closing GLDC to work on priesty stuff and the Twisting Nether podcasts.
  • The Rambling Bear – Hasn’t been updated in months, no official post on it though.
  • That Damn Role Player – Is considering leaving the game altogether. and…
  • Hots-n-Dots – Disappeared like it had never existed… (Yeah, the link is broken, but I had to make it match the other four. HAD to. Obsessive? No, why would you ask that?)

This is sadness, and yet life does go on. They all had very good reasons (or at least I’m assuming that wherever we aren’t told what happened, it was a good reason). I’ll be sad to see all these guys go, but I wish them all the best of luck with whatever they are doing, or will be doing, now.


P.s. – Yeah, I kinda broke that whole only posting on Tuesdays thing but hey, at least this is activity in the right direction, eh?