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Advice to New (Druid) Healers

July 7, 2009

TreeSo, what happens to a bear when said bear begins running heroics and raids with two spectacular Prot warriors and a bunch of DPS? Yep. Said bear is stripped of all fur and mashed down until it fits inside a giant hollow log costume and you end up with a tree. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even try to roll on feral gear anymore, I just take it if there’s not a Cat or rogue lying around.

Hello, my name is Mitawa and I… am a tree.

Apparently a rather good one. I’m not really sure how, but I’m apparently the go-to guy for new healers now. I wipe the meters with people better geared than me, and it’s a very strange feeling.

Now, I’ve found that once people get into the swing of healing they do allright, but the largest obstacle in the way is they just don’t know where to start. Therefore, I’m going to break it down into the five biggest things that new trees (or recommissioned bears) ought to know so they can feel confident enough to type, “Healer LFG hVH!”

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Healing as a Tank

May 19, 2009

TreeSo, I’ve started actually using my Paw-Paw Bear other spec. It seems that no matter what the status of the “tank shortage” is on other servers, Earthen Ring isn’t part of it. No, what I see most is “LF2M [instance], heals and DPS.” This is a pretty nice thing for Estu and I because it means we can get in on just about anything that’s going down, but it also means that I only get to be a bear while doing dailies… It puts me in a unique position. I hadn’t healed much before this, I think I did one Zul’Farrak run healing at level 50 with healing gear thrown onto my feral build… and In Kara whenever we did Nightbane, invariably the healers would drop one by one and I’d get out of Cat form and give the tank all the mana I had. This is different though, this main healing thing. And today’s post will be some of my observations on learning to heal from the perspective of someone whose first instinct is to be the biggest target of the bunch.

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Paw Paws

April 14, 2009

pawpawSo, I’m posting late. It’s still Tuesday though! See, one of the unfortunate things about being a student is that right about now and early December you end up going into a giant cyclone of frenzied final DOOM. To be honest, I hadn’t even started to download the patch until now (11:00 pm CST). In any case this is going to be short, in addition to finals I also have some heavy family stuff going on.

I’m here today to introduce you to a word you will all use. Why will you use this? Because the odds of my ever becoming the high evil dictator/overlord of the planet are pretty slim, so I’m going to cash in my chance at the big pot for a smaller prize, i.e. my very small authority over you now. Muahahahaha!

In my one and only act as fleetingly high evil overlord/dictator of the world, I command you all to use this new word:

Paw Paw Bears

What is a Paw Paw Bear you ask? Why, that’s simple! It’s a druid bear using his/her second spec to heal. It’s perfect, you see. A bear and a tree all at once! My brilliance reigns supreme!!11!!


In any case, hopefully some of you remember this cartoon from back in the day.

This got me wanting to edit their theme song to apply to warcraft, but a) It’s a little to simple to do much with and b) I’m angry that wordpress tries to put a double space between all my lines. I need to figure out how to change that.

In any case, have a good Tuesday!


Stats for Offtanking

January 13, 2009
The Bear Talks

The Bear Talks

So I thought it was about time I actually got on subject a bit, so I’ll be talking about what I look for in gear kind of as a mirror to BBB’s first bear tank gear post for Wrath. But, as I pointed out, I do have slightly different priorities to consider.

In general, my preferences look like this.

First and most importantly, Agility is king. I weighted it with a full 100 because it’s a crazy, godly, super-multitasking, awesome, (Do I have to continue? I think you get the point, and I’d go on like this for awhile. It’s good.) uber stat. Agility gives you armor, and dodge, and crit, and if you’re specced for off-tank viability you’ve even got some healing spellpower added onto there. Agility is the best multi-tasking stat for druids the way Defense is for warriors and paladins. In fact, you’ll notice that in my filter I set agility to be almost 17 times more important than defense because, lets face it, unless they let me strap a shield onto my head or parry like all the wild bears, defense just doesn’t live up to it’s potential anymore.

Closely following agility is stamina; the stat most other bear druids put first, almost to the exclusion of any other stat. Really, if you believe everything you read, every socket on your body should have an epic +stamina gem in it, be damned your socket bonus or any chance that your healers might have mana at the end of the fight. Seriously though, stamina is important. It’s especially important now that they changed us from the tank with the least spike damage to potentially one of the worst. When they take your armor away and throw some Russian roulette stat like dodge in your face what do you do? That’s right, you say “Thank you sir, may I have another?” Because there really is nothing you can do about it. It’s Blizzard’s game. So when your dodge fails, you’ve got to have the stamina to eat those massive whacks like they’re high-quality steak. Stamina’s important, but it’s just not that important.

Hit rating and “expertise”, the new hit-rating type stat that they threw at us in BC (It’s like the offspring of hit rating the way resilience is the bastard child of defense…), are also top of the list in importance. If you can’t hit something, you’ll have a damned hard time building and taking aggro if your main tank goes down.

Next is armor, but that’s an obvious one. I’d put it higher, but they just don’t have gear with double it’s armor rating like the old heavy clefthoof set anymore, and they claim 3.0.8 will change the survival of the fittest talent so we won’t salivate over armor on trinkets and rings anymore either. We’ll see.

Dodge? I don’t like dodge rating, it seems like it take an absolutely ridiculous amount of “Dodge Rating” to get the same amount of dodge that the proper investiture in agility can get you, but both it and defense are, well, defensive so they make it on there next. Soon after are the combat damage stats- AP, FAP, and strength; then intellect. I include intellect because it’s damned hard to find on feral gear when it used to be the garnish on your staple stats. (Steak?  Garnish? Can’t keep off the food metaphors, can I? O.o)

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Mitawa’s about a level and a half from 80 still, and when I’ve got a better feel for top gear, I’ll probably post again, but that’s good for now. Stay tuned for a pre-tuesday gazetteer update where I’ll make a list of my favorite WoW machinima!